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Wild Turkeys Attack Humans in Suburbia

26 November, 2010

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Florida Man Nearly Killed During Otter Attack

24 November, 2010

It took two men to stop an otter from killing an elderly man.

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Colorado scoreboard: Deer 1, Hunter 0

19 November, 2010

The Colorado Division of Wildlife officers say a buck gored a man in the leg yesterday afternoon in New Castle.

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Angry hippo attacks South African vet

16 November, 2010

 A vet had a lucky escape from the jaws of a hippo that woke up after it was supposed to be under sedation.

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"Deer rancher" kicked to death by pet

14 November, 2010

Harrison County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer Jay Web confirms Gerald Rushton, who is believed to be in his 60s, died after being attacked by his pet deer.

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Raccoons attack dog-walking Alameda woman

9 November, 2010

Rachel Campos de Ivanov, 33, said she was walking her 20-pound Yorkshire terrier Dougie around 11 p.m. Sunday along Central Avenue toward Eighth Street. Dougie began barking uncontrollably when Campos de Ivanov spotted "a pair of eyes" near the fence lining the baseball diamond at Washi

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Zoo lion's attack secret unveiled

29 September, 2010

Scientists report that they have now discovered how a mountain lion was able to attack and kill two people at the San Francisco Zoo in 2007.

The lion apparently scaled the wall. The lion was able to do this, experts report, because it was a lion.

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